About Us

our history

Our name says it best, we truly are America’s Tour Guide, and we’ve been helping travelers find the best places to explore in America since 2013. With 50 US states, each uniquely different than the other, our custom designed itineraries allow you to discover America up close and personal. With many VIP amenities throughout your journey, you’re sure to create memories that last a lifetime. 

our story

America’s Tour Guide began in 2013 in Houston, Texas. Our Founder, Darren Giles-Bey, likes to say that “he was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing with the right group of people.” A true definition of success.

It all started when Darren overheard a guest from a hotel inquire whether the hotel offered private tour guide services to take in the sites of Houston. The hotel responded no. That quickly became an opportunity to provide a private service that travelers would enjoy. Already an expert in much of Houston’s history, Darren began giving daily private tours of the city and soon began conducting regional tours of the state. From there he added other states at the request of his clients. Uniquely, while he never thought of becoming a travel agent, one of his clients recommended to him one day that he should become a one-stop shop. Offer the full services and products of a retail travel agency and be the private tour guide for the trip, that way your clients can book everything through you. Darren thought it was genius and immediately began perfecting his knowledge of the travel industry as well and became the first Certified Travel Agent and Certified Private Tour Guide in the State of Texas.

Today America’s Tour Guide is an awesome company that offers private tour guide services throughout the US. We also have certified travel agents helping business and leisure travelers move across America and the globe at large.

Why choose us?

Because our team of private tour guides are true locals. They have all lived in the states where they guide private tours to ensure that you get the culture, history, and traditions of each area.

Our travel agents are the best in the business. Each is well traveled, many have stayed in the places that you’ll visit and so they know the best experience firsthand, and are eager to help you build your own unique set of memories of your trip.